The Finnish recipe for good education is simple: Always ask yourself if the policy or reform you plan to initiate is going to be good for children or teachers. If you hesitate with your answer, don’t do it.
— Pasi Sahlberg

This sits contrary to the American motivation, which he claims can be defined as "trying to be the best." Another way to illustrate the American educational psyche is the juxtaposing statements made by Japanese and American mathematics teachers, illustrated by Phil Daro. The American mathematics teacher asks themselves, "How can I get my kids to answer this problem correctly?" while the Japanese teacher asks, "What are the mathematics my kids are going to learn when working on this problem? How can I get them to learn mathematics?"

Student-centered education is hard to stick to unless you are willing to be humbled by the shedding off of old ideals and expectations of what education is supposed to look like. Is really interesting how the system can be elevated over the children it is meant to serve.